7 Tips to Survive Winter & Look Good Doing It!

Winter season has the power to dictate all our fashion choices based on functionality. I mean when choosing between a trendy dress and a warm sweater, the smart choice is to opt for the sweater unless you want to freeze all night right? But who says you have to choose between being cosy and looking stylish.

The best part about winter wardrobe is you can layer all you want, this might rid you of a silhouette but gives you the freedom to play with all kinds of accessories.

Here are 7 tips to make your winter wardrobe a lot more interesting-

1: Chunky Jewellery FTW

Trust me, when it comes to thick winter outfits all your delicate and beautiful jewellery will drown out in the sea of wool. This is why what you need is big and chunky jewellery pieces that stand out and add a splash of colour and glitter to your ensemble. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with it, the chunkier the better. My personal favourite is to add a chunky silver necklace to my black turtleneck and instantly bring it to life. If necklaces aren’t your thing, big earrings have a similar effect!

2: Mufflers, Mufflers, Mufflers

I cannot emphasise enough how much a good muffler can change an outfit. Mufflers not only complete the look but they also elevate it. You can mix and match them with various outfits and spruce up the whole look. The best part about them is that they protect the most vulnerable and neglected part of your body during winter, your neck. So now you can keep your neck warm and comfortable, and look good doing it!

3: Express your weird side with Funky Socks

Now I know you came here for tips to make your outfits trendier but I promise you this is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Who wants boring plain old socks when you can have all kinds of bright colours and patterns? Everyone should invest in some funky socks and express themselves as they want. Maybe pick a colour you swore you’ll never wear and give it another chance, or get some with your favourite fictional characters and themes. I mean I personally think my harry potter socks are very sophisticated. My advice is to have fun with it because the possibilities are endless!

4: Colours & Contrast

On a more serious note, I believe a lot of us don’t realise the untapped potential of contrasts in a winter wardrobe. Let your colours be loud and pair sweaters with coats and jackets that balance it out just the right way or you could go vice-versa with a muted sweater and a bold coat. This combination makes you stand out without being too tacky about it. 

5: Woollen Dresses are a Lifesaver

We all need to give more love to woollen dresses. They are the saviour of warmth in the winter season. The best part of woollen dresses that they can easily seem more stylish than say a two-piece sweater combo. They make you look fashionable in a winter wonderland kind of way. Not to mention how incredibly hassle free and comfortable they can be! If you’re worried about the dresses being itchy and uncomfortable, don’t blame the dress; Blame the quality of material used by the manufacturers. Buy your clothes from people who know and understand the importance of quality and make it a point to prioritize it like Buydebest.com .

They guarantee high-quality in all their products and do so at an affordable price! 

6: Bring out those Heavy-Duty Boots!

I think we can all agree when I say that Big Heavy Duty Boots look extremely cool!

It’s time to pack up those delicate heels and break out your boot collection, if you don’t have one what better time than now to build one? Lucky for you Buydebest.com has an array of footwear options. Something about walking around in boots makes you feel powerful and confident. It also gives a ‘kick’ to your outfit (pun definitely intended).

7: It’s Time for your Beanies to Shine

We all want to be cool enough to pull off a beanie but no one wants to be that person wearing a beanie in 45° weather. Well now you don’t have to be. Winter season is the time for your beanies to shine! Match or contrast them with your outfits and add a little flair to the whole ensemble.

Head on over to the shopping section of Buydebest.com and follow these tips, you might end up with a winter wardrobe you’ll have a hard time letting go of next summer!





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