6 Types of Pants That Are A Must-Have For Every Woman!

Pants are such a huge part of our wardrobe. They are a versatile and valuable addition to our collection. This is why it is monumental to have the right kind of pants ready to go with all your outfit ideas! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to pants but there are some of them which are essential to maintain a good wardrobe. They can ether blend in and help other aspects of your outfit shine or be the showstopper of the whole ensemble.

Let’s look at the 6 kinds of pants you need in your wardrobe right now-

1: Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate classic, must-have for every woman so of course it was going to be the no. 1 on our list. When talking versatility, jeans take the cake for sure. They are the absolute trusted go-to for a lot of us. Whether paired with crop tops, button down, t-shirts or kurtas, they can make everything look good. They have the ability to go with anything you pair them with. Because of how essential and useful they are in our everyday lives there are certain things and standards that cannot be compromised when picking them.

Things like quality & fit are top priority. If the jeans do not fit you properly you may be very uncomfortable all the time, and I know us ladies are used to adjusting when it comes to comfort as long as it looks good but that rule just does not apply to jeans. Jeans are something we wear so often it’s important to avoid any unnecessary discomfort. Same goes for quality; This is why choosing a brand like Buydebest.com who prioritize quality in their production is the right choice.

2: Jeggings

Picture this: All the Style of Jeans; None of the discomfort.

That is what jeggings is! There are days where we just do not want to wear denim, that’s when jeggings come in. They’re not boring leggings, nor are they uncomfortable jeans, they’re a combination of the best of both. They have the comfort and ease of leggings and the stylish casual look of jeans.

3: Trousers

We’re 21st century working women and trousers are a very important part of our wardrobe. Trousers project power, discipline, confidence and authority. Trousers demand respect. You can see why all of us could use one of those in our closet. Now when I say ‘trousers’ you might be thinking of the classic black pants which are nice for sure but trousers come in a lot of different styles. Check out the various options at buydebest.com

4: Palazzos

I’m sure we’re all quite familiar with what palazzos are but in case you don’t know, Palazzos are long flow-ey wide-legged pants. You might see at least one when you’re out and about. They have gradually become extremely popular amongst women of all ages. They are immensely comfortable and look beautiful with their flowing light nature. They can transform any plain old top into a trendy outfit and there are so many styles and prints to mix and match. Buydebest.com offers a brilliant range of palazzos and they pay extra care in selecting the best quality material.

5: Salwars

Yes that’s right salwars are also a type of pants. Now we’ve all worn salwars when we wear traditional attires so I don’t need to emphasize how useful and lovely they are. But I will implore you to experiment with this valuable piece of clothing. Put a desi twist to your western outfit by pairing long shirts or western jackets over kurta.

Buydebest.com offers all the items you need to bring this indo-western fusion to life.

6: Churidars

Every Indian womans wardrobe is incomplete without a few churidars. It’s slim and elegant look is an attractive attribute to add to any traditional outfit. It does for ethnic clothing what jeans do for western tops. In the sense it acts as an supporting character in your ensemble letting your kurtas shine and be the objects of attention. It’s a vital addition to your closet!

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